Best New Vancouver Restaurants in 2022

Archer Dining

I have dined at a lot of new restaurants that have opened in 2022. These are the Best NEW Restaurants in metro Vancouver that newly define how we eat, drink and play. There are many elements to a restaurant being one of the best, it must excel in having not only delicious food, but also have consistent service that is on point, along with a great ambience. To make this annual list each of the restaurants must operate as a full service independent restaurant where customers are taken care of by servers in a sit-down environment.

Note: These are in alphabetical order.

Sablefish Papillote

Archer Dining

1152 Alberni Street, Vancouver.

Tel: (778) 737-6218


Instagram @archerdining

Cuisine: Canadian

Neighborhood: Downtown 

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It’s all about modern Canadian fare and inventive drinks inside a room inspired by British Columbia’s natural landscape.

Ricotta Gnocchi 

Carlino Restaurant

1115 Alberni St, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 695-1115


Instagram @carlinorestaurant

Cuisine: Northern Italian

Neighborhood: Downtown 

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Specializing in Northern Italian cuisine, the restaurant focusses on dishes that feature as much local and seasonal ingredients as possible working with many farmers and producers.

Pappardelle Rabbit Ragu

Impostori Tratoria

3121 Granville St, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 606-0241


Instagram @impostori_trattoria

Cuisine: Italian

Neighborhood: South Granville

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A new restaurant from chef Andrey Durbach that celebrates the art of Italian food and wine from an outsider’s point of view, with a delicious measure of good humour and whimsy.

Chicken Madras

Karma Indian Bistro

2741 W 4th Ave, Vancouver


Instagram @karmaindianbistro

Cuisine: Indian

Neighborhood: Kitsilano

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Specializing in traditional Northern Indian cuisine with a hint of Southern Indian cuisine, this Kitsilano eatery has regulars returning week after week for it’s tasty dishes. 

Fresh Stealhead Trout Tagine with harissa and chermoula as well as the Cardamom duck with figs, pear and sesame tagine; along with a side of the vegetable Couscous.

Moltaqa Moroccan Restaurant

1002 Mainland, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 264-4101


instagram @moltaqa.moroccan.yaletown

Cuisine: Moroccan

Neighborhood: Yaletown

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Traditional Moroccan dishes and a beautiful dining room to match at this eatery in Yaletown. where they have live belly dancing on Friday & Saturday nights.

Vietnamese Coffee Slushy

Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions

67 East 6th Ave, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 416-2830


instagram @mountpleasantvintage

Cuisine: Cocktail Bar and Grill

Neighborhood: Olympic Village

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A very cool cocktail bar/eatery in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood that specializes in wood fire cooking of grill dishes along with inventive cocktails.

Veneto Tiramisu

Nellos Restaurant

925 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam

Tel: (604) 777-0300


Instagram @restaurantnellos

Cuisine:  Italian

Neighborhood: Coquitlam

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Classic Italian dishes inspired by Rossini’s which had been a Vancouver staple for many years in Kitsilano with Chef Nello Foschi running the kitchen, these are his recipes and they have now been elevated by Chef Adam Foster.

White Prawn Saganaki

Nostos Taverna

3162 W Broadway, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 730-9303


Instagram @nostos.taverna

Cuisine: Greek

Neighborhood: Kitsilano

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Specializing in Greek cuisine of the island of Evia where Chef and Owner Eleni grew up. The decor of the Kitsilano restaurant that opened earlier in the year is bright and welcoming.

Dry Aged Whole Fish (prepared 2 ways), Oysters-4pc, Caviar, Dry Aged Spot Prawn & Scallop Crudo and Whole Lobster-Sauce Gribiche which came with a selection of sauces.

Oo La Cha Restaurant

8400 West Road, Richmond

Tel: (604) 242-2760


Instagram @oolacha.yvr

Cuisine:  French and Mediterranean

Neighborhood: Richmond

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Reminiscent of the French Riviera, Oo La Cha delivers a selection of light and refreshing creations framed in the light colour palette of the Mediterranean coast. A celebration of fresh and dry-aged seafood, complemented by a carefully curated collection of champagne, provides for a modern version of old-world simplicity.

Insalata di Pera & Burrata

Passaparola Burrata Bar

2nd Floor, 1898 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver


Instagram @robba_damatti

Cuisine:  Wine Bar

Neighborhood: Kitsilano

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It is Vancouver’s first Burrata bar as well as a wine bar for you to enjoy some sips and bites before or after dinner. You will find an extensive selection of wine by the bottle and a small selection of wines by the glass.

Duck Pappardelle 

16 West Restaurant

140 16th St W, North Vancouver

Tel: (604) 988-7561


Instagram @16westrestaurant

Cuisine:  Wine Bar

Neighborhood: Central Lonsdale

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Tasty tapas, wine and more and they are offering 16 wines by the glass which is a great way to allow for guests to try more of their wines with the tasty dishes that feature as much local ingredients as possible.

Dungeness Crab Sunomono

Sushi Hil Restaurant

3330 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: (236) 482-9060


Instagram @sushihil_restaurant

Cuisine:  Japanese

Neighborhood: Mount Pleasant

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Specializing in Japanese cuisine with a focus on sushi and sashimi. owner/chef Hilary Nguy is dedicated to creating dishes with simplicity, finess and flavour.

Lomo Saltado

Suyo Modern Peruvian

3475 Main St, Vancouver

Tel: 604-322-1588


Instagram @suyorestaurant

Cuisine:  Modern Peruvian

Neighborhood: Mount Pleasant

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Specializing in Modern Peruvian cuisine, here it is all about inventive cocktails, dishes and desserts that are all in sync.

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By: Richard Wolak