Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions Opening

Last week I attended the media opening party at this new very cool cocktail bar/eatery in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

I loved their Frozen Vietnamese Coffee slushy and had a chance to taste some of their food offerings as well.

The building has incorporated a Victorian-era heritage home, Coulter House, first built in 1902 and since it has heritage status it was a must that it was preserved. Pacific Solutions Contracting did the buildout of the beautiful space.

Cam Bogue, owner has many years experience in the hospitality industry working with Earl’s running their beverage program. Here his bar set up is phenomenal with 3 different types of ice machines for the bar along with very unique cocktails.

The food offerings are mostly served a la carte each day a week which means that on each day they feature different offerings.

Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions is located at 67 East 6th Ave in Vancouver. Follow on instagram @mountpleasantvintage Open daily after 3pm, or after 12pm on the weekends

By: Richard Wolak