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VANCOUVER FOODSTER is an online guide that not only provides “Essential Food & Drink Intelligence” to the greater Vancouver area but to other areas across Canada and the USA as well. Richard Wolak is a writer, editor and founder of VancouverFoodster.com created in July 2009.

Offering expert advice on the hottest restaurants, cafes, food trucks, bakeries, delis, food shops, along with reviews, events, openings and more — VANCOUVER FOODSTER is Vancouver’s most fabulous online destination.

Keeping you informed about the most interesting dining trends, the latest food luminaries and the best new foods, wines, spirits and cocktails around the city and region.

Richard has had an interest in food since his teenage years, he developed a passion for cooking and baking. He has been writing about food, cafes and restaurants professionally since 1993 when he co-wrote his first book “Vancouver’s Best Espresso Spots”. He went on to write “Oregons Hot Java” 1994, and then “Cafes Vancouver” in 2001. He wrote the monthly Bar Stars column in Vancouver View Magazine prior to the magazine closing in August 2012. Richard hosted the SIP & TASTE monthly feature on Just Here for the Beer radio show on AM 650 from May 2011, in February 2013 the radio show changed stations to AM 1410 where it ran until September 2013.

Prior to the start of the covid pandemic, he was the Co-Host of the weekly “Food Glorious Food” podcast on CKNW.com from September 2016 – February 2020. As well, he was the Host of the weekly ‘The Best and the Foodiest’ segment on CKNW 980 AM from February 2014 – March 2020.  The show ran on the Lynda Steele Show, and prior was on the Steele and Drex show, and the Mike Eckford Show. Richard has also been a guest contributor on the Global TV Weekend Morning and Noon News since 2013.

In November 2022, Richard became the regular Food Contributor for The Jill Bennett Show on CKNW 980 AM.

In July 2020, Richard created The Vanfoodster Podcast, a weekly series covering the food scene in Vancouver and beyond. In May 2020, Richard created the IG LIVE with @vanfoodster series that features leaders in the restaurant and hospitality industry talking all things food and more!

He has interests in all aspects of marketing as well as branding, design, event planning, online publishing, blogging, social media along with film, music, theatre, dance, art and travel.

In February 2012 he launched Tasting Plates and event series of roving tours taking place in different areas of the city featuring a multitude of different ethnic restaurants to eat and mingle. In June 2012 he launched Food Talks an event series featuring experts who are all movers and shakers in the food community in and around Vancouver. In January 2013 he launched Noodle Mania another tasting event for noodle lovers at restaurants all over the city. Since 2016, we have added many themed tasting tours including the Pizza Palooza tasting event and others.

If you want to invite Richard to attend your event or to eat at your restaurant, then please send an email to richard@VancouverFoodster.com or contact  him here. 

Follow him on twitter and instagram and like us on facebook You can also find him at CMI Chat Media Inc the parent company of Vancouver Foodster.

Richard Wolak can be reached at: richard@vancouverfoodster.com

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