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Welcome to Vancouver Foodster, an established online food, lifestyle, and travel blog! If you are a food, lifestyle and/or travel company, we would love to collaborate with you on related projects.

Vancouver Foodster an established (2009) food, lifestyle and travel blog, published by Richard Wolak is a division of CMI Chat Media Inc. We work with food brands, restaurants, wineries, breweries, hotels, airlines, visitors bureaus, and more to help connect you with the right audience.

We offer the following:

  • Sponsored blog posts featuring our experience using food, wine, lifestyle and travel products (samples are non-returnable).
  • Sponsored social media campaigns.
  • Brand ambassador positions for food, lifestyle, and travel brands.
  • Sponsor a contest and get your customer to actively engage with your brand. Utilizing a variety of Social Media platforms that include X, Instagram, Facebook and others to promote the contests will provide you with strategic promotion and brand awareness.
  • Traditional Ads Prominently feature your property on our home page, and other feature pages with leaderboards, banners, adboxes and sidebars. Your brand will be front and centre.

Sponsored Travel, Press Trips

All travel stories on Vancouver Foodster are first-hand experience stories gathered from press trips or sponsored media visits. Richard Wolak travels to destinations with a strong culinary travel story angle combined with culture and lifestyle interests.

Please contact me below for rates and sponsored press trips, as well as more information. I would love to work with you to help promote your destination!

Food and Drink Challenges

We have been producing a wide selection of challenges (restaurant promotions) each year for over the past 13 years to create customer engagement, allowing chefs, bartenders and staff to create amazing dishes/beverages while using innovative ingredients to create unique flavours and outstanding creations. Through restaurant participation in our challenges we help attract new customers and thereby increase the restaurants revenue. If you are a restaurant, cafe, bar, or bakery who is interested in our challenges then please contact Richard by email at:

Food Tours

We have been producing the Tasting Plates neighborhood tours along with various theme food tours for over the past 12 years. For the participating restaurants, the tours enable them to obtain new customers, revenues and be showcased by local media.

Please get in touch with Richard Wolak if you are interested in advertising, collaborating, participating in any of our challenges and tasting tours:

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