Food Talks

Food Talks an educational event series that brings together speakers with different backgrounds and roles from within the food community, who are experts in their field, all movers and shakers from in and around Vancouver.

Presented by Vancouver Foodster and hosted by founder Richard Wolak

It is also a chance for the community to meet and mingle over delicious appetizers presented by the hosting restaurant/event space, sip on wine poured by a different winery featured at each of the events. After each of the talks we open the floor to questions from anyone in attendance who will benefit from the answers from our leading panel of experts. At the end of the evening everyone will take home a sweet treat from one of our local bakeries/chocolatiers.


Past Events

November 2, 2016 Food Talks Volume 14

October 27, 2015 Food Talks Volume 13

April 27, 2015 Food Talks Volume 12

September 16, 2014 Food Talks Volume 11

December 3, 2013 Food Talks Volume 10

September 24, 2013 Food Talks Volume 9

June 11, 2013 Food Talks Volume 8

April 2, 2013 Food Talks Volume 7

February 12, 2013 Food Talks Volume 6

December 4, 2012 Food Talks Volume 5

October 23, 2014 Food Talks Volume 4

August 14, 2012 Food Talks Volume 3

July 10, 2012 Food Talks Volume 2

June 5, 2012 Food Talks Volume 1 

TV Media Coverage

August 21, 2012 Novus TV City Lights – Food Talks Vol 3 with VanFoodster 

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