Experiencing the Indian Weekend Dinner Buffet at Sirka

With the rising prices of ingredients an All-You-Can-Eat experience for a flat fee is the way to go whether it is for a dinner or a lunch buffet on the a week day or weekend.

It’s all about an Elevated North Indian Buffet Experience and for under $30 you have an affordable dining all-you-can-eat experience on the West side of the city in the South Granville neighbourhood.

I loved the selection of dishes offered as well as these build-your-own dishes. At the buffet they offer a Build your own Chat bar with all of the fixin’s and toppings; they also have a Do-it-yourself Pani Puri bar where you can fill the shells and pour in the tamarind and mint waters; their is a salad selection (Indian and Western), there are a selection of Indian appetizers and a full offering of over 30 tasty dishes, from tantalizing vegetarian and non-vegetarian options of main Indian dishes that aren’t spicy and include delicious tandoori chicken, curries (loved the fish curry as well as the Butter chicken), rice pilaf, aloo gobi and more. They also serve you a selection of Indian breads to your table from a selection offered, we had the Wholewheat Roti and the Lachedar paratha.

They also offer a full range of desserts (Indian and Western) all home-made by their pastry chef. There is also complimentary detox water and another refreshing beverage; you can also order a variety of drinks including mocktails off of their bar menu for an extra charge.

The weekend nightly dinner buffet experience at Sirka Gourmet Indian Restaurant (1480 West 11th Avenue in Vancouver) is $28.99 per person which is a great value that should not be missed.

If you are heading to a show at the Stanley Theatre nearby this is a great spot to enjoy this buffet dinner beforehand, or enjoy dining out with friends over a non-rushed buffet experience, they also offer a daily lunch buffet as well.

By: Richard Wolak