Interview with Rory Byrne

Vancouver is home to some of the best chefs in the world, many have worked for the top chefs and restaurants around the world as well as around the city. Dishing with the Chefs is a series of Interviews with some of the top chefs in and around Vancouver.

Executive Chef Rory Byrne started his career in Chester, England, at sixteen, training for nearly three years under a well-known local Chef. To continue learning at nineteen, he crossed the Atlantic to Canada to attend The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. After training at PICA, Rory gained more experience over the next eight years at several restaurants in Vancouver, notably working under well-known Canadian chefs Trevor Bird and Jesse Zuber as Sous Chef and Executive Sous Chef, respectively. In 2022, Rory opened Claudio’s Ristorante as the Head Chef. Starting his career in the pastry section, Rory is passionate about bread, pastries and desserts. Now Executive Chef of Vivace on The Drive, Rory brings his experience with modern Italian food and his love for British cuisine to create a menu of modern European dishes.

You can follow Chef Rory Byrne on Instagram @chefrorybyrne

What is your favourite dish that you put on the menu at Vivace on the Drive?

L’oceano Vivace

Which of your Bruschetta Trio’s sells the best?

The Classic with mushroom, smoked salon and confit cherry tomatoes

What was your favourite dish that you put on the menu at the previous restaurant you worked at (Claudio’s Ristorante)?

Ahi Tuna carpaccio

What is your restaurant for takeout outside of where you work?

Monsoon Curry

What are your favourite restaurants in Vancouver outside of where you work?

St Lawrence

Tableau Bistro

What is your favourite cuisine to eat?

Indian or French, depending on my mood

What are your favourite ingredients to cook with ?

Beets, ahi tuna and venison

What was your favourite British dish growing up in the UK?

Toad in the hole

Sunday roast

What are your hobbies or interests?

Escape rooms

Marvel movie pre-release

1st dish:

Stuffed Quail with a lambusco and quince sauce


Risotto – mixed mushrooms, mushroom broth, Wensleydale cranberry cheese, smoked salt, mushroom, sage, horseradish duxells, micro cabbage

2nd Dish



House ricotta, fried leeks, leek puree, pan roasted leeks, grana Padano, leek oil, radicchio

Who is your favourite industry supplier?

Mikuni Wild Harves is s the best for micro-greens, mushrooms, bee pollen and infused oils.

Aside from the wonderful ingredients, they send me a Mikuni fresh sheet every Monday with vegetables in season, and what is out of season

What is your favourite cheese?

Wensleydale Cranberry cheese (semi-soft cheese from Yorkshire)

What salt do you like to use on meats?

Smoked rocksalt from Mikuni

Tell me about your favourite chefs knife.

8” Messer Meister that I have had since 2011, I got this is a gift.

3rd dish


Ingredients: white chocolate, coffee custard, mocha butter, marzipan, liquor soaked cranberry, fig and raisin

Tell me about the taatoo on your left arm

Don’t Panic – origin Dad’s Army” based on a tv show in the 1960’s in the UK (my grandfathers favourite show).

What are the most popular dishes on the menu at Vivace on the Drive?

  1. Gnocchi
  2. Bruschetta – Classic trio
  3. Aranchini
  4. Banofee pie

What pairing would you suggest to go with your Octopus Bruschetta?

Rufino Pinot Griggio

What is your favourite dish to eat?

Pilaf with peas, peppers and bacon (at home)

What is your favourite dish to eat when you go out?


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By: Richard Wolak