Oo La Cha and the Dry Age Experience

The Dry Age Experience is a one of a kind tasting menu which is quite the memorable experience and that is what we did recently. It was a delicious and unique foray into eating dry-aged fish and meats. It’s a protein focused tasting experience for two and Lawrence and I enjoyed learning about the dry-aging process that Chef Will Lew and team does for their fresh whole fish that is flown in daily from New Zealand, Japan and other mostly Asian countries and then is prepared in-house and aged for up to two weeks.

On to the experience:

The server came by our table with two platters to show us what the fresh fish and meats look like before the cooking process.

Over near the front kitchen and counter they have a dry aging meat locker on the left and a dry aging fish locker on the right.

1st course:

Dry Aged Whole Fish (prepared 2 ways), Oysters-4pc, Caviar, Dry Aged Spot Prawn & Scallop Crudo and Whole Lobster-Sauce Gribiche which came with a selection of sauces.

1st course (part 2):

Dry Aged Fish and we had the Seabream and it was grilled and served on a bed of charred citrus, herbs, with roasted fish jus

3rd course:

Dry-Aged Meats: with 2GR Wagyu 6oz, topped with Foie Gras, Half Lamb Rack and Speckled Chestnut Mushrooms served with green peppercorn morel sauce

4th course

Dessert: A selection of Mignardies with the Blood Orange Grapefruit Gateau in the middle.

Oo La Cha Restaurant is located on the main level of Club Versante adjacent to the Hotel at 8400 West Road in Richmond, BC., advance reservations are suggested. You can follow the restaurant on Instagram @oolacha.yvr

By: Richard Wolak