Celebrating Halibut Season at Coast Restaurant

BC Halibut season is in full swing, a couple of days ago, I visited Coast Restaurant where Chef Pedro Gonzalez prepared a couple of his new Ocean Wise Halibut dishes for me to taste.

Tomato Crusted Halibut

Tomato Crusted Halibut

Tomato Crusted Halibut on a bed of creamy faro and creamy pea basil puree

Olive oil Poached Halibut

Olive oil Poached Halibut

Olive oil Poached Halibut with a salsa verde on a bed of couscous on top of red beet puree

Each of the Halibut creations were unique and very different in taste, appearance and ingredients but each celebrated the bounty of the fresh halibut that is now available in and around Vancouver.

Pacific halibut is prized for the delicate flavor and firm texture of its sparkling white, almost translucent flesh. The lean white meat of the Pacific halibut is high in protein and low in sodium, fat and calories, and with a minimum of bones, halibut as whole fish, fillets or portions adapts well to baking, broiling, frying, poaching or barbecuing.

Learn more about Halibut through Ocean Wise

Learn more about Halibut and the availability locally from one of the industry suppliers Organic Ocean

Coast Restaurant, 1054 Alberni Street, Vancouver @Glowbal_Group #gccoast and you can follow Chef on twitter @PGonzalez77

By: Richard Wolak

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