Baking with the Evie & Charlie Cookie Dough at Home

There is a great new local company who is making creative cookie dough flavours that are ready to bake! I had some fun making a couple of their delicious flavours recently.

My favourite of the two flavours was the Carbon Coffee cookies which are basically their original chocolate chunk with the addition of coffee, two of my faves together in this cookie.

Susan Huang is the founder of the company which is named after her daughters Evie and Charlie; she is a pastry chef by profession, and she started this small business recently during the pandemic. I like to call it the 2.0 of the cookie dough’s, first came Pillsbury and now comes Evie + Charlie which is elevated with flavour offerings as well as the sustainable packaging.

The whole baking process literally took minutes for a batch of baked cookies to come out of the oven, in under 12 minutes after cutting and placing the cookies on the baking sheet to baking the cookies, voila!

Most of the cookie dough rolls are $10 each which nets 9-12 cookies depending on how thick you cut them.

The other flavour I made was Mr, Potato Head which had potato chips and marshmallows and more ingredients, giving the cookies extra crunch and a salty and sweet taste. As everyone’s taste is different there are several more flavours to choose from with new flavours being introduced all the time.

You can place your orders directly through their instagram or website and they will then deliver directly to you in the Greater Vancouver area. Follow @evie_charlie on instagram.

By: Richard Wolak

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