Food Truck Day at Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

It was food truck day lunch at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver where their students created and cooked a selection of dishes for their ‘food truck’ which they created the name, concept and menu (4 dishes each team) and their were 8 food trucks; with a total of 32 dishes to choose from. This was their mid-term assignment for their culinary program.

I was able to try at least one dish from each of the teams and everything was very tasty.

The dishes I tried were:

Panang beef — Crazy Nuts food truck

Aubergine pot pie – Chez Gil & Eiko food truck

7-Spice Steak bites – Flavour Town food truck

Cashew crusted lamb lollipop — M & O Togo food truck

Chicken wings – A1 food truck

Laaaamb curry — Aloo & Garrison food truck

Sutra style ribs — Crazy Nuts food truck

Lamb steak with potato — Mika & Lyn food truck

Chicken wings (eats from Under the streets)

The intensive culinary term is a 15 week full-time professional program focusing on techniques, ingredients, global cuisines, creativity, modern thinking, and mindful values.

It was wonderful to attend this delicious lunch and watch the students cooking and plating the various dishes.

Thank you to Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver for the invitation.

By: Richard Wolak