Vancouver Spring Drink Challenge

Welcome to the Vancouver Spring Drink Challenge. Cafes from around the city were invited to enter their respective Spring drink creation into this challenge. Each café will be featuring their drink creation on their menu from April 5-28, 2024.

How Does this all Work? For the public challenge, you are invited to go out and order any or all of the spring drink creations in this challenge, then you decide who you think has the best creation for the People’s Choice award winners. 

Share your experiences: Share your photos on Instagram and TikTok throughout the challenge, our instagram and TikTok address is @vanfoodster and the hashtag is #SpringDrinkChallengeYVR please include this hashtag in all your social media sharing during the challenge.

Voting criteria –  some things to help you judge your favourite spring drink creations – keep these things in mind: originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly taste.

How to VOTE :

  1. Look for our Spring Drink challenge posters in each of the participating cafes and restaurants.
  2. Scan the QR code and Vote for your favourites from April 5-28, 2024.

Get some friends together and visit 2 places or more to taste the different spring drink creations or go solo or with a friend– just remember to VOTE for your favourites

Here are the Spring Drink creations in this challenge, listed in no particular order other than when they were received by us.

Comma Café

YSL Soda

Price: $7.50

Created by: Skye

Description: YSL is (Yuzu Strawberry Lemon) and these are flavours from citrus fruits, sweetness from the strawberry mixed well with refreshing soda water.

Ingredients: Honeyed yuzu, strawberry puree, lemonade concentrate, fresh lemon slice and carbonated water.

Available: All the time

Comma Café

3208 Oak Street, Vancouver



Instagram @commacafevan


Hunny Dream

Price: $10.20

Created by:Carman Wan and Karry Wan

Description: It’s a dairy free and gluten free drink.  All the ingredients are planted based.  Hunny crumbs inside Earl Grey Nut Mylk Tea and Nut Cream.  Sprinkles of almonds and chunks of Hunny crumbs will be on top of the Nut cream. Customers can enjoy the Hunny crumbs and dipped into the Nut cream and there will be a crispy texture when customers are drinking the Earl Grey Mylk Tea. Customers can also customizes their sugar and ice level as well.

Ingredients: Earl Grey Tea, cashew, walnut, macadamia, hazelnuts, almonds, vegan honey crumbs, Diary free, soy free and gluten free.

Offered: All the time


1958 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver

Tel: (778) 683-6783


Instagram @nuttea_canada

Crab Hot Lau

Egg Coffee

Price: $7.50

Created by: The team

Originating from Hanoi, Vietnam, this delightful concoction features a rich and velvety coffee base topped with a luscious layer of whipped egg yolks and condensed milk. The combination of smooth coffee and creamy egg foam creates a luxurious texture that is both comforting and indulgent. Served hot or cold, Vietnamese Egg Coffee offers a delightful contrast of flavors and textures that will captivate your senses with every sip. Experience the charm and tradition of Vietnamese coffee culture with this iconic and unforgettable beverage. Get it hot or iced.

Available: Wednesday – Monday (closed Tuesday’s)

Crab Hot Lau

2141 Kingsway, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 423-3633


Instagram @crabhotlau.vancouver

The Good Chocolatier

Cherry Blossom Chocolate Chip Frappe

Price: $9.50

Created by: Mara Mennicken and Emma Fung

Description: Welcome the warmer weather with an icey frappe that matches the cherry blossom scenery outside! Sweet and refreshing, this spring drink creation has notes of cherry with floral undertones. Mixed in are our signature 75% handmade craft chocolate chips, which pair perfectly with those fruity floral flavours and take the drink experience to a whole new level.

Ingredients: Cherry Jam, Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream, 2% Milk (non-dairy alternative available e.g. oat, almond), Rose Water, 75% Dark Chocolate Shavings, Whipped Cream, Cherry Syrup

Available: Wednesday-Friday 1-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 10-4pm

The Good Chocolatier

1978 West Broadway (inside Greens Market), Vancouver

Tel: (604) 256-5560


Instagram @thegoodchocolatier

Tamaly Shop

Vaca Negra

Price: $8.50

Created by: the team

Description:  Mexican Coca Cola and Mexican vanilla ice cream topped with whip cream and a cherry.

Offered: All the time

Tamaly Shop

2525 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel:(604) 369-3446


Instagram @tamalyshop

Our Media judges for this challenge are:

Danny Hoa

Instagrammer and Influencer

Instagram @kumofoodlist

Corey Lee

Instagrammer and Influencer

Instagram @sweettoothguy

tiktok @sweettoothguyishere

Rose Lin

Instagrammer and Influencer