Vancouver Chowder Challenge

Welcome to the Vancouver Chowder Challenge. Restaurants from all over the city were invited to enter their chowder creations into this challenge. Each restaurant will be featuring their Chowder creations on their menu from March 8-31, 2024.

How Does this all Work? For the public challenge, you are invited to go out and order any or all of the chowder creations in this challenge, then you decide who you think has the chowder creation for the People’s Choice award winners. 

Share your experiences: Social media share (and don’t forget to instagram your photos and videos) throughout the challenge, instagram and tiktok address is @vanfoodster and the hashtag is #ChowderChallengeYVR please include this hashtag in all your social shares during the challenge.

Voting criteria –  some things to help you judge your favourite chowder creations – keep these things in mind: originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly taste.

How to VOTE :

  1. Look for our Chowder challenge posters in each of the participating restaurants.
  2. Scan the QR code and Vote for your favourites from March 8-31, 2024.

Get some friends together and make a day or night of it, visit 2 places or more to taste the different chowder creations or go solo or with a friend– just remember to VOTE for your favourites between March 8-31, 2024.

Here are the Chowder creations in this challenge, listed in no particular order other than when they were received by us

Stanley’s Bar & Grill

The Chicken’s Nest Chowder

Price: $15

Created by:the team

Description:  The Chicken’s Nest Chowder is composed of a popcorn infused sunset chicken chowder, potato nest, quail egg, smoked sat and a perched garlic knot bird.

Ingredients: Chicken, popcorn infused cream, potatoes, red & green peppers, onion, tomato, charred corn, hard boiled quails egg, garlic bread

Offered: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m Wednesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays and Tuesday).

Available: Dine-in and Takeout

Stanley’s Bar & Grill

610 Pipeline Rd (inside Stanley Park), Vancouver

Tel: (604) 602-3088


Instagram @stanleysbargrill

Vancouver Aquarium

Signature Sustainable Seafood Chowder   

Price: $14

Created by: Executive Chef David Lee

Description: Enjoy a jaw-some bowl of our delicious sustainably sourced seafood chowder at the Vancouver Aquarium. Delight in the flavours of wild caught BC Halibut, Wood River Alaskan Sockeye, wild pacific cod and more in this hearty chowder. The tasty mouthwatering seafood chowder is simmered to perfection with tender potatoes and fire roasted tomatoes.  Served with a toasted Baguette.

Available: Daily all the time

Vancouver Aquarium (all on site restaurants including the Courtyard Cafe and the Upstream Cafe and also starting March 16 at the Bicycle Bistro Cafe)

845 Avison Way, Vancouver

Tel:(778) 655-9554


Instagram @vanaqua

Chewie’s Oyster Bar

Mama’s Seafood Chowder

Price: $20

Created by: Gordon Ma

Description: Our delicious take on a classic New England Clam chowder. We have added a few things to make it a “seafood” chowder instead. You will enjoy a cream base with an abundance of protein including halibut, scallops, prawns, clams and mussels. It will also include a classic carrot, celery, fennel and potato veggie combo. Our chowder will be served in a home made brioche bread bowl and topped with a crispy fried coconut prawn. If you’re looking for a hearty chowder to warm your soul during a rainy day (or any day for that matter), we’ve got you covered. 


Cream, Clam Broth, Flour, Prawns, Halibut, Clams, Mussels, Scallops, Celery, Carrots, Fennel, Potato, Brioche Bun, Coconut Panko

Available: Daily during dinner hours only (not available at brunch on the weekends).

Not available for takeout (bread bowl does not travel well)

Chewie’s Oyster Bar

2201 W. 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 558-4448


Instagram @chewiesoysterbar

Lift Bar & Grill

Candied Salmon Chowder

Price: $15

Created by: Chris Andraza,

Description: The flavors are inspired by those little smoked salmon crostini’s you see at cocktail parties except in the form of a chowder.

Ingredients: House smoked candy salmon, classic cream base, bacon, fingerling potatoes, crispy capers, pickled onion, salmon roe, fresh dill

Offered: All day, everyday

Available: for dine-in only

Lift Bar & Grill

333 Menchion Mews, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 689-5438


Instagram @liftbarandgrill

Our Media judges for this challenge are:

Jay Minter

Writer of food and the arts for On The List, Vancouver Presents and other publications.

Twitter: @jminter

Instagram @jminter

Rick Green

Freelance writer for BC Brews and other publications

Twitter: @BCbrews

Instagram @b.c.beerblog .

Shelley Hayashi

Influencer/Writer for MyVanCity

Twitter: @shelleyhayashi

Instagram: @shelleyhayashi