Tasting The Very Good Butchers Burgers and More

The word butcher has always had the connation towards being meat based; a local company set out to change that premise offering up plant-based burgers and sausages without any animal ingredients. Their products are available in their Victoria based shop inside the Victoria Public Market as well as in retailers such as Whole Foods and other stores around. This summer I had a chance to try several of their products from the freezer to the plate.

I loved the Smoke’n Burgers for a delicious plantbased dinner at home, made with The Very Good Butchers Smoke’n burger patties; added our own fixins; so easy to make.

Another night I made a British Toad in the Hole dish with their Bangers sausages; and then on another night later in the summer I made Lettuce Wrap Tacos with their Taco Stuffer ground.

You can find The Very Good Butchers on Instagram @theverygoodbutchers and later this year you can purchase their products in the Olympic Village neighborhood at their soon to open store.

By: Richard Wolak

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