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Vitae Juices

Vitae Juices

Vitae Juice

Created by two young Vancouverites, Vitae Juice offers fresh, unpasteurized cold-pressed juice with door-to-door delivery service in the Vancouver Area. Using only natural and seasonal ingredients, from 100% organic, non-GMO fruit and vegetables. Vitae Juice has 15 juice varieties with the best tasting flavour combinations while having the maximum nutrients benefits possible.

Twitter: @VitaeJuice

Urban Digs Farm

Urban Digs is a small farm based in South Burnaby. Urban Digs strives to grow good, wholesome food in a way that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. Urban Digs offers meat & produce direct-to-consumer through their seasonal subscription programs; The Beasty Box & The Harvest Box. By taking advantage of urban food waste streams, Urban Digs is striving to provide a diet for their animals that eliminates the need for commercial animal feed, is more nutritious and results in better tasting meat.

Twitter: @UrbanDigsFarm

Beta 5

Local chocolate and patisserie offers the Chocolate Union, a monthly subscription that provides members with a box of custom chocolates and confections that reflects our imagination, the seasons, and our desire to keep coming up with interesting flavours and forms.

Twitter: @beta5chocolates

By: Richard Wolak

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