Laven Sourdough Bread

As a bread lover I am always looking at the outside crusting of the breads, specifically for Sourdough looking at the texture, the chewiness, the flavour, how it stands up to cutting, spreads and what it’s like for a few days after its baked. Laven Breads was founded by Emma Irvine and Gabriel Atkinson, two young entrepreneurs who set out to help provide their community with fresh artisanal sourdough during the global Covid19 pandemic. Emma is also the founder and owner of Sweet Somethings Cafe & Bakery on Dunbar Street in Vancouver, where they bake their breads. Her partner, Gabe is a bread master, they both joined forces to form Laven Breads.

They are also making their own nut butters to complement the breads; I tried some of that on a couple slices; I also tried a couple slices toasted with extra virgin olive oil and crushed garden grown rosemary.

I can tell you after a trying their Sourdough loaf, and looking at the characteristics as I noted above, it’s great bread and they have done a good job crafting this. Their products are being offered as a subscription service where you signup and receive a weekly delivery or you can order as a one-time purchase. Fresh artisanal sourdough available for pick up or delivered right to your door on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. 

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By: Richard Wolak

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