Ice Cream in Brown Paper Packages

White Turtle ice cream sandwich

I have always loved ice cream sandwiches, cookies and ice cream, Brown Paper Packages is a local company that sells their home-made ice cream sandwiches at farmers markets around the city.

I had the opportunity to try a selection of their delicious ice cream sandwiches, of course the packaging is as clever as the inventive flavours of the cookies and ice cream. Wrapped in a brown paper package, each ice cream sandwich is labeled with the name and ingredients. Inside are these delicious home-baked cookies that are sandwiched with a scoop of their hand crafted  ice cream, perfect for snacking anytime you have that craving.

Some of the many selections of flavour combinations include the Gingeroo (rhubarb and buttermilk ice cream with a ginger cookie), Affogato (espresso ice cream with a vanilla bean cookie), Razzle Dazzle (chocolate raspberry ice cream with a double chocolate cookie), and Carnival (caramel and apple ice cream with a chewy caramel cookie) ice cream sandwiches.

Brown Paper Packages can be found at many farmers markets around the city, best to follow them on Twitter @BPPicecream

By: Richard Wolak

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