Growing Chefs Says Thank You

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Through the events that I organize under the Vancouver Foodster umbrella I am fortunate to select the charities or non-profit organizations that I think can benefit in one way or another. One of those charities that I have been supporting for the past couple of years is Growing Chefs  The other day I received an envelope and it’s what was on the inside that touched me, letters from children who have been participating in the Growing Chefs program at schools around the city thanking me for my kind donation. It’s not only me that they should thank, it is you the readers who have been attending the Food Talks events in which a portion of your ticket price that has been donated to support the fine work that the Growing Chefs organization does, so thank you!

I truly think this is a rewarding organization to support and hope that you will find away to get involved in their projects whether it is donating your time to volunteer, or supporting them financially or attending their events. Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture is a non-profit society, based in Vancouver, B.C. founded by Merri Schwartz who was one of our speakers at the most recent Food Talks event in June.

You can find out more about Growing Chefs here and follow them on Twitter @growingchefsBC

By: Richard Wolak

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