Chocolate Arts Celebrates 20 Years

Greg Hook

Last night I celebrated chocolate with one of Vancouver’s reknown chocolatier’s Greg Hook, as he and his company celebrated their 20 Year Anniversary. It was a fine affair that indulged us all with chocolate treats all through the shop as well as in the back kitchen.

Strawberry & Champagne Seduction

Chocolatier Greg Hook with his Lemon & Basil Ice Cream Sandwiches

Tanzania Pot de Crème

Loved the white chocolate kalamansi, dark chocolate pretzel sticks, chocolate almonds and so much more.

Guests also enjoyed wine, liquid chocolate shots, and other beverages.

Greg Hook is recognized as one of Vancouver’s earliest gourmet chocolatiers. After studying cooking in London, England and the intricacies of chocolate at Callebaut College in Belgium and the Ecole du Grand Chocolat in France, Greg Hook opened his Kitsilano shop Chocolate Arts in 1989. To this day, Chocolate Arts is devoted to creating unique chocolate products emphasizing local and organically grown ingredients. At the shop, small batches of artisanal chocolates are created each day using the best raw chocolate from producers in Belgium and France, many of which are single origin chocolates. Fillings never include colourings, additives, or artificial flavours and all purees, concentrates, essences, most dried fruits and flavoured alcohols are house-made. Natural west coast flavours like wild blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, hazelnuts and pears are some of delicious temptations found at Chocolate Art.

Chocolate Arts is located at 1620 W 3rd Ave in Vancouver and is open daily, you can also find them on the web at

By: Richard Wolak

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