Chefs Tasting Menu at Folke Restaurant

I had a wonderful dinner with my fellow food writer friend Tara Lee; this glorious tasting menu gave me a great sense of what Folke is all about, it’s vegan and for vegan’s I am sure it is a dream. I am not vegan but I did enjoy exploring each dish as it was presented to us.

My favourite of all the dishes was the Roasted Zucchini with yellow curry, it was divine.

1st course: Green peas and beans, and house-made Tater Tots and Fried zucchini

2nd course: Beet tartare which I loved.

3rd course: Chickpea tofu with zaatar, turnip and zohl,; was a very interesting dish, unique and tasty.

4th course: Broccoli with bagna cauda and sourdough flatbread; this was a good dish and I liked the bread but it was far from being a flatbread as they had noted.

5th course: Tapioca dumplings with mushroom Xo sauce and chili oil; this was my least favourite dish and that is ok, cause tasting menus are meant to be just that and not every dish presented is going to be a winner.

6th course: Roasted zucchini with yellow curry; so simple yet so flavourful, it was the star of the meal.

7th course: Chilled Ramen Salad; this dish said Summer, it was refreshing and light, yet it was ramen and ever so flavourful.

8th course: Plum cake (as in an upside down cake) with Fig leaf ice cream and it was a delicious ending to the night.

Folke Restaurant is located at 2585 West Broadway in Vancouver. Follow them on instagram @folkerestaurant

By: Richard Wolak