First Taste of Oakberry in Vancouver

The first of five stores to open in Vancouver this year is now open in Kitsilano; the company that was founded in Brazil in 2016, now has 600 stores around the world.

Oakberry is known for its fresh, 100% natural bowls and smoothies.

With the opening of 5 cafes in Vancouver almost imminently is about to take the city by storm, in a great way of course. Inside the cafe is bright and well layed out to get in and out, there is also some seating.

I loved the Acai Bowl (you get unlimited toppings from the selection offered) with layers of almond butter, goji berries, strawberries, and PB crumble.

Also tried a Smoothie and had at swirled with peanut butter and whey protein (you can choose up to 3 toppings for all the smoothies from what’s offered)

They have other products as well such as Oakbars, Matcha tea and PacOak.

Oakberry is located in Kitsilano at 3139 West Broadway. You can follow them on Instagram

By: Richard Wolak