Viva La Maison du Québec!

Nicole Menard - Minister of Tourism Quebec

On February 22nd, I attended a wonderful event to promote Québec Culture and Gourmet Food! Held at the Olympics Quebec Pavillion the Chefs from The Hotel Châteaux Laurier in Quebec wined and dined the guests. This was quite a beautiful evening with tasty savoury appetizers, Quebec cheeses, and delicious desserts. I especially enjoyed the Seafood Bouillabaisse and the Maple Sugar Tarts, and the Chocolate Mouse! We were all welcomed with a speech by the Honorable Nicole Menard, Minister of Tourism for Quebec.

Quebec Cheeses

Chef and his Savouries

Desserts - Maple Sugar Tarts (below), Chocolate Mouse (above)

Following the presentation we were lucky to enjoy a performance of “Les Trois Accords” a musical group from Quebec with zany songs and festive pop-rock that is oh-so-contagious!

Les Trois Accords

By: Richard Wolak

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