1079 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-602-0835


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Advice:  Dine early on Sunday nights if you are planning to have the Prime Rib as they serve it until they run out. If you are looking to only have drinks then sit at the bar or walk through the back to the adjoining Afterglow lounge.

Tuscan Pumpkin loaf

Finding a great steakhouse, that isn’t priced sky high, and in a trendy part of the city hasn’t always been so easy here that is until now. My friend Lisa joined me here recently for dinner and we were both impressed by the delicious food and great service. The room has been redone with wood paneling, comfy seats along with a showcase signature round table towards the front, the table any large party will want to be seated at. Before we began our meal we were served a Tuscan Pumpkin loaf with rosemary and Hawaiian salted butter, this wasn’t any ordinary bread, this was heavenly.

Hamachi Crudi Satay & Lobster Satay (middle)

Beet Salad

Steak Tartare

We shared some appetizers that included the Hamachi Crudi Satay ($3.90) with pineapple ponzu and the Lobster Satay ($7.95) with curry butter and the Beet Salad ($12) arugala, pecorino, sherry & shallot vinaigrette. Lisa had the Steak Tartare ($18) 5oz prime beef tenderloin and focaccia crisps on her own as I’m not a fan of Tartare.

Ribeye 16oz Canadian Prime

Glowbal Onion Rings


It was then time to enjoy our entree, we shared the bone in Ribeye 16oz Canadian Prime ($39) with 3 salts a Peruvian rock salt, black smoked salt and Hawaiian salt along with a couple of sides to at least get some vegetables to go along with our meat dishes. After eating the Glowbal Onion Rings ($6) panko breaded and so delicious, I declared these the best onion rings that I ever had. The other side was the Asparagus ($7) with béarnaise sauce.

Chocolate Bailey’s Bread Pudding

Frosted Beignets & Apple Fritters

We were both quite full after the meal but desserts at Glowbal are a must and we went full on into sharing two of their spectacular desserts. The Chocolate Bailey’s Bread Pudding ($8) bailey’s creme anglais with toffee crumble was my favourite and the Frosted Beignets & Apple Fritters ($8) Vanilla custard, salted butterscotch were a close second. My next visit will be for weekend Brunch as I hear they have one of the best brunches in Yaletown.

Review by: Richard Wolak

1079 Mainland Street, Vancouver

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