2009 Sortilège Cup Winners

Sortliege Cup 09 post

The 2009 Sortilège Cup competition for professional mixologists was held on November 23 & 24th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  The Winner of the Gentlemen’s Competition on November 23rd was Simon Kaulback of Boneta who’s winning cocktail was the “Centre Ville” – Sortilege, Black Grouse, Calvados, Whisker’s Blake & Star Anise. The Winner of the Women’s Competition on November 24th was Danielle Tatarin of the new Keefer Bar who’s winning cocktail was the “Geisha’s Milk Punch” a rich texture, seductive flavours and precise technique.

Hosted by the BC Hospitality EXPO, the Sortilège Cup was an exciting opportunity for local mixologists to compete with their peers to create an original drink featuring Sortilège maple liqueur.  Each event included six to eight mixologists, who prepared original cocktails that include Sortilège, a unique blend of maple syrup and Canadian whisky.  The drinks were judged by a committee including two media judges, two mixologists, and two head judges.

The winner of each day’s competition was awarded a trip to Montreal in summer 2010 to visit the Sortilège plant.

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