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Festive Holiday Cocktails

The holiday season is in full swing and with that many of the city’s bartenders have created there holiday list of celebratory cocktails. I met up with three bartenders from restaurants around Vancouver that include Colin Turner at CinCin; Ben…

Interview with Simon Kaulback

Simon Kaulback | Boneta | Vancouver Simon was recently named 2011 Bartender of the Year in Vancouver.  He is the head Bartender and Manager of Boneta Restaurant in Gastown. I met up with Simon last week to talk …. Would…

2009 Sortilège Cup Winners

The 2009 Sortilège Cup competition for professional mixologists was held on November 23 & 24th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  The Winner of the Gentlemen’s Competition on November 23rd was Simon Kaulback of Boneta who’s winning cocktail was the “Centre…

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