First Taste of Foglifter Coffee

I got my first taste of this coffee while staying at the Bodega Cove resort on Galiano Island almost 3 years ago. Little did I know that the couple who started this Shawnigan Lake based coffee roasters were the same people who had owned one of the Bean around the World cafes on Main Street in Vancouver. Husband and wife team, Wayne and Amanda had owned the Vancouver café for many years (2001-2017), their café closed 4 years ago to make way for a new development on the property of which they then leased right away to start their next chapter in coffee so to speak.

Foglifter Coffee recently opened their flagship café on the corner of Main and 20th where Amanda and Wayne had been for many years, now known as Foglifter Coffee they have also brought back their delicious baking that people loved for many years. The recipes are the same and they even have their baker back with them. I had another opportunity to taste some of their coffees last summer enjoying them at home.

I have tried a selection of their baking and coffees.

Tasted an espresso and cortado made with the Eight Man espresso coffee; and an espresso and cortado with the Nicaraguan coffee.

Also tasted a Quick Start Muffin and a piece of their Coffee cake.

Foglifter Coffee is located at 3590 Main St in Vancouver. You can follow them on instagram @fogliftercoffee

By: Richard Wolak

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