Happy Hour at District Eleven

It’s not to often that I dine around for Happy Hour as most of the time I am out for dinner, but this time Lawrence joined me as we visited a spot in the neighbourhood nearby on Main Street.

Such a pleasant and very tasty Asian fusion surprise to be found at this restaurant that opened earlier this year.

We shared several tasty dishes that were full of wonderful flavours starting off with the Aburi Crispy Rice with spicy imitation crab salad, chili mayo, deep-fried sushi rice, crispy shallots, pickled jalapeno, ponzu glaze, seaweed; delicious and addicting!

We also had the tasty Banh Xeo Ebi Tempura (Vietnamese-inspired prawn tempura) with banh xeo tempura batter, ebi prawn, ponzu glaze, truffle seaweed mayo, in a flavourful nuoc cham dipping sauce.

The Creamchi Udon was unique and tasty as well with the udon noodles and mussels and garlic, shallots, cream, house-made kimchi, herb butter, tobiko, mussels, tobiko, shiso, seaweed.

The Accordion Cucumber Salad was a refreshing surprise with the pickled red beets, spicy house dressing, crispy shallots, and crispy vermicelli.

The Truffle Nuoc Mam Wonton was divine stuffed with pork and shrimp, the wonton was tender and flavourful with nuoc mam, truffle puree, rau ram, crispy shallots, mo hanh, toasted peanuts.

This is an eatery that you should visit for Happy Hour often.

District Eleven is located at 4063 Main Street in Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak