Tableau Bar Bistro Celebrates 1Year

Spot Prawn Corn Dog on a Stick

On May 16th Tableau Bar Bistro celebrated their 1st Anniversary, guests enjoyed wine, craft beer, and the house specialty La Strangiato cocktail.

Chef Marc-André Choquette serving Tete-A-Tete

The party was themed “Heads or Tails” which was the focus of the evening where all indulged in a feast of Spot Prawns done up many different ways. Chef Marc-André Choquette has created a Spot Prawn to kick-off Spot Prawn season as well summer.

Gougere Spot Prawn Tail Slider & Frites

Prawn Head Bisque

Sauteed Spot Prawn Skewer

I loved the Prawn Head Bisque, with fennel, steamed milk, served cappuccino style as well as the Spot Prawn Corn Dog on a Stick (with frites) and the Sauteed Spot Prawn Skewers.

Sauteed Spot Prawn Skewer

Tableau Bar Bistro is located at 1181 Melville Street and is open daily, you can also find them online at

By: Richard Wolak

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