2059 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: 604-734-4990

Web: http://yujis.ca/

Advice: Bring a friend so you can share the dishes. Brown rice can be requested for the sushi.

Maguro Avocado Crepe

Sweet Potato Tempura Sticks

Tuna & Salmon Wasabi Tempura


Agedashi Tofu

Found a gem, I had a heard about Yuji’s from friends and finally got in for a visit with a friend. All the dishes looked interesting on the menu and more so as they arrived to nearby tables. We began with the Maguro Avocado Crepe ($8), the next dish was the tasty Sweet Potato Tempura Sticks ($7.50) which was followed by the Tuna & Salmon Wasabi Tempura ($7.50), then some Gomaae ($5.00) and then the Agedashi Tofu ($6.50). Most of the items we had ordered were off the Tapas menu, the Sushi menu was vast and very appealing, they also have Sashimi, Nigiri.

Green Tea Cream Brule with Green Tea Ice cream

We ended off the delicious sharing meal with a dessert to share as well and went with the Green Tea Cream Brule with Green Tea Ice cream ($7.50). The service was friendly and efficient and the room was beautiful and cozy.

Review by: Richard Wolak

2059 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver

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