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Chip Wilson (l), Shannon Wilson (m), Vince Piccolo (r)

This morning I had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of this delicious Ethiopia Sidamo Nekisse Micro Selection coffee at 49th Parallel Coffee. Vince Piccolo, coffee guru behind 49th Parallel Coffee Roasting Company in partnership with Shannon and Chip Wilson, founders of Lululemon and imagine1day joined forces in a campaign to raise money for Ethiopian school children. Beginning today, 49th Parallel Cafe in Kitsilano released one of the world’s most rare and expensive Ethiopian coffees.

Imagine1day Director (m) & Accountant (r) from Ethiopia

Grown in volcanic soil at an altitude of 1800 meters, the coffee known as Ethiopia Sidamo Nekisse Micro Selection is an exceptionally scarce, high quality micro-lot coffee. The flavour and taste of the handpicked Nekisse bean has a truly unique flavour profile not found in other coffee producing countries. “It has a deep, berry and chocolate-like flavour, that makes the Sidamo bean so distinct,” says Piccolo. Heavily sought after, the availability of this coffee is extremely limited. 49th Parallel Roasters will be the only Canadian company to roast these beans.

With 100% of net proceeds donated to imagine1day, the goal is to raise $13,500, the amount it costs to build a classroom. A 12-ounce bag costs $30 and sells at the 49th Parallel Cafe (2152 West 4th Avenue) and online. “It is a partnership that just makes sense”, said Chip Wilson. “Two organizations that understand the power of community locally and globally”, he continued. For over 5 years 49th Parallel has paid farmers well above fair-trade guidelines. However, with the new initiative, the company will be able to take it one step further, “after all these years, we finally get to return the favour, we go back to these communities and build a school for their children”, said Piccolo.

imagine1day is a non-profit organization with the goal to ensure every child in Ethiopia receives a quality, primary education by 2020. 100% of donations will contribute to their programs, i.e. no administrative fees.

Producing some of the best coffee in North America, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters meticulously balances scientist with the artisan to ensure roasting perfection and consistent flavour-profiling in each and every batch of coffee. Today, the company distributes to hundreds of cafes, across Canada, and the United States.

By: Richard Wolak

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