New Dishes Tasting at Pier 7 Restaurant

It’s been almost 10 years since my last visit and many menus have changed since; Executive Chef Skylar created a wonderful menu based on some dietary preferences for us; equally Bar Manager Christian created some standout mocktails.

1st dish:

We started off with the Pier 7 Poke, a tasty dish that’s popular on the menu for all those wanting a healthy and light dish.

The first mocktail was the Pomegranate Blast which was refreshing.

2nd dish:

The Chicken Avocado Cobb was a delicious salad which is a meal in itself, (on the menu it comes with prawns, but you can ask for a protein substitution) and it came with a tasty avocado dressing (that’s dairyfree).

3rd dish:

The Salmon Vierge was outstanding, perfectly cooked Colombia River grilled Salmon, with roasted potatoes and steamed green beans.

4th dish:

The Butchers Bread is a new dish that chef is about to launch on her new Spring menu come mid-May ish; its a delicious sandwich on a tasty ciabatta with CAB Striploin and caramelized onions, and it is served with a Rocket Salad.

The second mocktail was the tasty Jamaica Sunset made with a house-made hibiscus syrup.

Pier 7 Restaurant and Bar is located at 25 Wallace Mews in North Vancouver,; you can make a reservation by calling them at (604) 929-7437. Follow on Instagram @pier7restaurant 

By: Richard Wolak