Brunch Tasting at Sciue in Yaletown

I recently had an opportunity to try some of the brunch offerings at Yaletown’s Sciue Italian Bakery Caffe where we enjoyed a mix of breakfast and lunch dishes.

It’s the Italian way to start off with coffee and that is what I did with this Cortado. You could also start off the morning with a cocktail if that’s your preference as they offer a complete lineup of Italian cocktails.

1st dish:

Nutella Bombolene – this an Italian donut filled with nutella and it’s very popular here often sold out before 10 am, so go early.

 2nd dish:

Ciambella – looks like a sugared donut but its the texture and flavour that will capture your heart.

3rd dish:

French Toast with masacapone – their classic house-baked sourdough, topped with mascapone with maple syrup on the side was delicious.

4th dish:

Cornetti with salmon – until now I had no idea what this was, it’s basically a croissant sandwich with smoked salmon and frisee stuffed in between the flakey pastry.

 5th dish:

Uova Al Tegamino – a classic Italian dish with two sunny side-up eggs, signature meatball baked into a cast iron skillet and tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella and parmigiano. Served with roasted potatoes and toast.

6th dish:

Avocado Salad – one of their popular lunch salads.

 7th dish:

Italia Grilled Sandwich -its like an Italian caprese salad in sandwich form with spinach, roma tomato and boccocini.

Brunch is offered daily from 8am -3pm.

Sciue Italian Bakery Caffe is located at 126 Davie Street in downtown Vancouver. You can follow them on Instagram @sciuevancouver

By: Richard Wolak

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