Experiencing Persian Cuisine at Akbar Joojeh

I headed over to North Vancouver for another Persian dinner and this time we tried several different dishes and more as my friend and I learned more about the restaurant and the origin of its dishes. This restaurant does an exceptional job making delicious dishes and providing welcoming service to their patrons. Over a couple of visits, I have sampled many of their dishes.

We started off with their Dalal Yogurt Drink (made of yogurt, water and some spices) along with some of their appetizers, my favourites were the Mixed olives, and Spinach Yogurt; we also had the Shallot yogurt and Dalal yogurt with their complementary house-made Nun bread.

The speciality of the restaurant is their fried baby chickens which are called Akbarjoojeh, they are actually Cornish’s, they have a special cooking method where they are fried with butter. We then had an order of this which comes with pomegranate sauce and saffron rice.

The Chicken with Plum stew is another speciality and it was delicious, I had tried some of the plum stew on a previous visit, this time I had the whole dish which I loved.

The Sour Fish Kebab was another standout with marinated salmon with pomegranate sauce, rice and grilled tomato. We also had the Dill & Fava Bean Rice which goes very well with this salmon dish.

We were so full by the end of the meal that we had to skip dessert, would love to try that on another visit. The Persian restaurant offers traditional Persian-style chicken dishes and more in a casual environment that are affordable and serves large portion.

Akbar Joojeh is located at 1604 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak