Little Café on Robson

1258 Robson Street, Vancouver



Instagram @littlecafeonrobson

Advice: Open daily, no reservations, come on in.

As most know I love exploring new cafes both locally and in my travels. This cute not so small café on Robson is run by Dustin Brietzke who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to his baking and the coffee served in his café.

I have visited a couple of times already having a Cortado with regular daily milk on the first visit and then have an Oat Milk Cortado on the later visit along with one of their delicious Double Chocolate Brioche Croissant that is filled with hazelnut whipped cream. It’s topped with extra hazelnut cream, Oreo’s and sprinkled with Oreo crumble. I also had a refreshing Lemon Mint Espresso Tonic; one of their new creative and refreshing beverages for the warmer months.

The café also features a full line of espresso beverages featuring Single V Coffee, along with a selection of baked goods, sandwiches and more served throughout the day. They small batch bake all the croissants, cookies and more including Artisan Rye Sourdough which is all made with locally sourced ingredients.

This is a gem worthy of your discovery and a chance to support and independent local café.

Review by: Richard Wolak