Indian Pantry Sauces and Spices

Chef Tushar Tonvalkar launched his Indian Pantry line last summer and is now selling these products around Metro Vancouver. Through local distributor Legends Haul the business has expanded exponentially and widened their reach.

I had a chance to try some of his simmering sauces and spice blends cooking up some simple tasty dishes at home.

I made a Goan Vindaloo Cod with their Goan Vindaloo Simmering Sauce in minutes as well as Malvani Masala Roasted Vegetables using their Malvani Masala spice blend.

On another day I made Cutting Chai Masala Spiced Veggies roasted in the oven with the Cutting Chai spice blend, I also used the Aai’s Malvani Gravy to make an Eggplant dish; and lastly used the Makhani Sauce to make a Butter Tofu.

All of the dishes were simple to make, and delicious to eat. Their website offers up a selection of recipes for you to make some wonderful Indian dishes.

You can find the Indian Pantry sauces here or ask for them at your favourite retailer. Follow them on instagram @theindianpantry_

By: Richard Wolak

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