Risotto and Arancini Cooking Class

I recently took part in a Risotto and Arancini cooking class at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver lead by Chef Tony Minichiello. The school offers a One Night Cooking Class series that features a different themed cooking class in one night.

Love participating in cooking classes where I get a chance to learn about making something that I never thought I could make at home such as Risotto. In this fun class we learned how to make Seafood Risotto as well as Cheesy Arancini.

After an educational demo with Chef Tony, we each went to our stations and cooked up the dishes and we then were seated at the long table to indulge in the delicious dinner we all had made.

Chef Tony explained each of the cooking steps in detail and showed everyone what they needed to do to make the risotto.

Chef Tony then did another demo showing us all how to make arancini with the risotto we set aside to cool. Each of us returned to our cooking stations to make our own arancini.

The cost for most of the One Night Cooking classes are $89 per person. The Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver is located at 2726 Main Street in Vancouver. You can call them at (604) 876-7653 and find them on Instagram @nwcav_chefs

By: Richard Wolak