Sea to Sky in the Honda CR-V

Honda CRV 2020

One of my favourite cars in the Honda fleet is the Honda CRV, I have driven this model for past travel adventures outside of the city and it’s always been a great ride. I recently did a day trip test driving the Honda CRV 2020 up the Sea to Sky from Vancouver to Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and Mt Currie with some food stops along the way.

Lawrence and I visited popular bakery Ed’s Bred where they mill their own flour for their breads and baking, located in the Creekside Village area of Whistler. We picked up a selection of their delicious bread and baked goods along with some Chickpea Hummus for a picnic lunch in nearby Pemberton.

Loved their Country Sourdough, after cutting some slices we topped it off with the delicious Chickpea Hummus (Garlic, Tahini, Toasted Sesame + Lemon).

We then shared the vegan Organic Pemberton Blueberry, Rosemary and Cornmeal Scone filled with Blueberry + Chia Jam, topped with Cream Cheeze Frosting; as well as the tasty Sourdough Cinnamon Bun (House milled red wheat, bread flour (wheat), dairy free butter, coconut sugar); their Sourdough Pecan Cinnamon Bun; and the Chocolate, Coconut, Oat + Sea Salt Cookie with 100% House-milled Red Fife.

Rolled every afternoon, fermented overnight for added flavour and texture; they then baked the sourdough cinnamon buns at 6am, then glaze with an organic cane sugar, organic Canadian maple syrup and water reduction for that beautiful shine and classic sticky finish. 

Ed’s Bred is located at 206 – 2067 Lake Placid Road in Whistler. Currently open Friday – Sunday from 9am – 3pm and you should get there early.

The drive from Whistler to Pemberton was about 30 mins and it was quite the comfortable ride in this Honda CR-V.

After eating our picnic lunch in a park in Pemberton. We walked over to Mount Currie Coffee Co for some Iced Americano’s; and then returned to the Honda parked nearby.

We then headed over to North Arm Farm to pick up some locally grown veggies and fruit.

We then drove around the area and then visited the Pemberton Farmers Market (Friday’s 3-6:30pm) that happened to be happening that day in downtown Pemberton. Here we picked up some French Fingerling Potatoes from Helmer’s Organic Farm and Rainbow Chard at Four Beat Farm.

For dinner we visited Barn Nork Thai where they have been cooking up outstanding Thai food with bright and vibrant flavours; not spicy, just fresh and tasty. I was impressed with the well organized Covid19 protocols they have in place for takeout and patio dining and the service is friendly and hospitable. Loved the dishes that we had including the Short-rib Beef Massaman Curry, Crab Fried Rice, Barn Nork Pad Thai and a side of steamed mixed vegetables.

On our way home to Vancouver after dinner, we stopped in Squamish for a visit to Alice & Brohm Ice Cream who have been making a New Zealand style of fruit and ice cream. I had the Blueberry ice cream on waffle cone which was refreshing on the hot day.

One of my favourite Honda’s in the fleet is the CR-V car which is roomy in the front area as well as in the cargo area of the back of the car. It has good driveability, a smooth ride, and comfortable seating. A few things that I liked in this model was the Blind spot detection, fuel economy updates, econo mode, and multiple USB charging outlets.

I really enjoyed the Honda CRV and it was a great car to drive on our day trip up the Sea to Sky.

By: Richard Wolak

Disclosure: Honda Canada provided me with the 2020 Honda CRV for a week to test drive, and photograph.

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