Italian Cuisine Masterclass at VCC

To celebrate the annual Italian week festivities held in many cities around the world during the week of November 18, I attended a special Masterclass that featured 3 chefs from Italy. Hosted by Vancouver Community College Culinary Arts department in their JJ’s Restaurant, the featured chefs prepared 3 different dishes with demos for all of us to watch; students from VCC Culinary Arts assisted in the making of the dishes in their kitchens for all of us to enjoy.

Colin Gill (left) and Dennis Innes (right)

Colin Gill, Director of Culinary Arts and Dennis Innes, VCC’s Dean of Hospitality welcomed everyone on behalf of VCC.

The cooking presentation featured Chef Luca Malacridae, Chef Giorgio Perin, and Chef Vito Semeraro alongside with local Chef Pino Posteraro who assisted with the translations as well as provided his own interesting commentary.

Chef Giorgio Perin

Mezze Penne quadrate La Molisana

Chef Giorgio Perin prepared the first dish, the Mezze Penne quadrate La Molisana creamed with vegetables and blueberries

Chef Pino Posteraro

Chef Pino offered a great tip, when cooking dry pasta you want to get super al dente, which is best for digestion. If the package says cook for 10 mins, then he cooks to 7-1/2 minutes.

Chef Luca Malacridae

Black Cod Ravioli

The second dish was prepared by Chef Luca Malacridae who made the Black Cod Ravioli with porcini mushrooms sauce and plum powder

Olive oil Beignet

The third dish was an Olive oil Beignet filled with citrus cream

It was great to see all the students helping out and learning about the various Italian products as well as the dishes.

The Italian products used for the dishes prepared were from these Italian producers @mulinocaputo,, @lamolisanaromania and brought in with the assistance of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West who presented this wonderful event.

By: Richard Wolak

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