Chef Bueno Jefferson at The Chefs Table

Chef Jefferson Bueno

I recently attended a wonderful dinner at JJ’s Restaurant inside the VCC downtown campus presented by their Culinary Arts department. Chef Jefferson Bueno is a former alumni who currently lives and works in Victoria; he presented a tasty creative menu of dishes.

1st course

Cream of Corn, Corn espuma, coconut snow, yogurt creme fraiche


2nd course

Scallop Cebu he, like and pear vinaigrette, seaweed coral is, compressed apple, pickled cucumber


3rd course

Orange maple glazed duck breast, whipped mushroom cream, blackberry powder, pistachio


4th course

Braised beef, balsamic fig jus, yam and potato, squash paper, beet gel


5th course

Caramel ‘Leche’ Flan, sponge cake, coconut meringue, edible sand, mango sorbet

I had a chance to tour the kitchen where the chefs team of culinary students were assisting Jefferson in the cooking and plating the dishes for the many guests in the dining room.

I have always loved dinners like these which give chefs a chance to learn from one another, the Chefs Table is a great series which is present every month or two. Guests have the option to add $20 for a wine pairing to go with each of the courses.

The servers were also students from the serving program at the college, providing them with a way of gaining experience as well.

At the end of the meal the full chefs and serving team were recognized and thanked.

Make sure to watch for the next Chef’s Table dinner at VCC.

By: Richard Wolak

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