611 Gore Avenue, Vancouver

Tel:(604) 428-6599

Web: https://www.heykokomo.ca/

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Advice: Counter service.

Orange Dream Smoothie

Kokomo Acai Bowl

Specializing in plant-based bowls, and other dishes, owner Katie Ruddle has designed a beautiful room that features Chef Mark Singson at the helm. Over a couple of visits I have enjoyed the Orange Dream Smoothie with banana, orange, vanilla and coconut water; as well as the Kokomo Acai Bowl topped with berries, toasted coconut, raw granola.

Coastal Macro Bowl

Vida Macro bowl

Chickpea Coconut Soup

The Coastal Macro Bowl with brown rice, greens, edamame hummus, pickled cabbage, cucumber, radicchio, tempeh, roasted squash was my favourite followed by the Vida Macro bowl, a Mexican inspired bowl with Brown rice layered with greens, warm black beans, tomatoes, spicy pickled carrots, cucumber and green onion, served with sunflower lime dressing. I loved, loved the Chickpea Coconut Soup which was a feature the day I was in, hoping it is added to their menu as it was that good.

Cocowhip topped with crunchy matcha oats and hemp seed

For dessert, they have Cocowhip and they are the first and only place in Canada that has this plant based goodness treat. It is creamy, made with coconut water, vegetable probiotics and no refined sugar! You can get the Cocowhip plain or with their featuring toppings, I had it with crunchy matcha oats and hemp seed and I loved it. I also had a Cold Brew Coffee which is made by local roaster Elysian Coffee.

For now they are open early morning through lunch, take a friend and enjoy a casual lunch amidst bright decor with friendly servers.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6A 2Z8, Canada

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