3010 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Tel: 778-379-8238


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Advice: No reservations, put your name on the list at peak times for a table, counter service.

With a sweet tooth, I am often seeking the next unique dessert spot and this one is truly one of a kind. After a couple of visits to this dessert café in Cambie Village, I have fallen in love with their unique elevated Korean desserts.

Tiramisu Snow Mountain

They specialize in what they call Snow Mountain shaved ice desserts, these are basically Bingsoo’s which are milk shaved ice desserts with various toppings as well as some being layered throughout making for a very different type of dessert that you may have been accustomed to here in the past. I shared this dessert with my friend Lawrence, the Tiramisu Snow Mountain ($14) “bingsoo” with milk shaved ice topped with their homemade Tiramisu, with cheesecake layered through out the shaved ice, with a shot of espresso on the side to pour over the shaved ice.

Multigrain Injulmi Toastery

Honey Berry Cheesecake Snow Mountain

I have had the Multigrain Injulmi Toastery ($7.50) served warm, a delicious flaky dessert filled with red beans and pecans and whipped cream; as well as their Honey Berry Cheesecake Snow Mountain ($13.50), 100% Milk Shaved ice with layers of blueberries topped with their delicious home-made cheesecake, biscuits, blueberries, frozen yogurt and blueberry compote.

One thing that makes this dessert café standout is that almost everything is made in house from the cheesecake to the tiramisu and such. Their milky shaved ice is very fine making the snow mountain desserts light, they offer most in 2 sizes a regular and large and some in one size which is good for sharing. With friendly service, and a bright ambience this is a gem worth visiting daytime or late at night.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5Z 2V9, Canada

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