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Located in the Fraser Valley, Seasonal 56 is a destination Farm to Table restaurant, they source most of their ingredients from farms and producers from nearby areas such as Langley and Abbotsford. The night that I dined I was at a large table with 3 of their producers along with some food and travel writers. Chef Adrian Beaty created a special tasting menu that featured many of the ingredients from these local producers. The meal began with a selection of wines from nearby Lotus Land Winery as well as Mt Lehman and rolls that were heavenly made with locally milled wheat from the Chilliwack area.

Charcuterie plate

House smoked ham and organic split pea soup

Six Masters Farm Rabbit Loin

Six Masters braised Lamb Neck

Gelderman Farms Pork loin

The 1st Course, Charcuterie plate: Thiessen Farms duck rillette, Gelderman Farms prosciutto, and porchetta di test with Fort Wine cranberry chutney. On to the 2nd Course for the House smoked ham and organic split pea soup with poached free range Agassiz Indian Runner duck egg and then the 3rd Course for the Six Masters Farm Rabbit Loin; organic brown basmati rice, apple, and Agassiz Farm House Alpine Gold cheese stuffing; frisee salad with Portobello mushroom confit and then on to the 4th Course which is the moist and delicious Six Masters braised Lamb Neck, rosemary infused pasta, Agassiz Farm House Country blue cheese, and lamb jus (I do not care for Blue Cheese so I moved the cheese off to the side) followed by the 5th Course Gelderman Farms Pork loin, local leek, cured pork jowl, and wild rice sauté; natural jus.

Fort Wine Cranberry upside down cake

To finish off this amazing culinary journey, the 6th Course was Dessert the Fort Wine Cranberry upside down cake with lemon mousse.

Seasonal 56 now has Seasonal to Go retail food store so fans and patrons can have access to products that Chef Beaty uses in his catering, restaurant and cooking classes. Also available are some of their own house-made products such as soups, stocks, entrees, and desserts.

This is a must visit restaurant for all those esteemed foodies!

Review by: Richard Wolak

Langley, BC V4W 3W1, Canada

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