Quails Gate Winemakers Dinner at Sutton Place

Grant Stanley (l), Chef Michael Deutsch (m), Michael Harris (r)

I attended this elegant dinner at The Sutton Place Hotel on Tuesday March 1st that featured Quails Gate Wines along with their Winemaker Grant Stanley.

Following the welcoming reception that featured the 2009 Chenin Blanc and Oyster bites, we all sat down to dinner.

Now on to dinner and the pairings!

First Course:

Minute Smoked Ahi Tuna

Minute Smoked Ahi Tuna -compressed watermelon, lime leaves, celery salad, fried celeriac.

Paired with the 2008 Stewart Family Reserve Chardonnay, Quails Gate Winery.

Second Course:

Sablefish Filet

Sablefish Filet – crab bisque croquette, curry, parsnip, peas.

Paired with the 2009 Dry Riesling, Quails Gate Winery.

Third Course

Fois Gras & Pork Cheek

Fois Gras & Pork cheek – bacon consomme, crispy carrot wafer, white asparagus.

Paired with the 2009 Pinot Noir, Quails Gate Winery.

Fourth Course:

Vanilla Rubbed Breast of Duck

Vanilla Rubbed Breast of Duck – king oyster mushroom, yam confit, potato gratin.

Paired with the 2007 Stewart Family Reserve Pinot Noir.

Fifth Course:

Orange Brulee

Orange Brulee – frozen, preserved, dried with orange sorbet.

Paired with the 2008 Optima, Quails Gate Winery.

Last Course:

Chocolate Mignardises

Executive Chef Michael Deutsch of The Sutton Place Hotel and his team created a menu that was well paired with these wines.

Comments:  All of the wines and courses were well paired, I found the 2008 Stewart Family Reserve Chardonnay to be outstanding paired with the Smoked Ahi Tuna in the 1st course. The 2008 Stewart Family Reserve Chardonnay and the 2007 Stewart Family Reserve Pinot Noir were my favourites out of all the wines served during the evening. The 2008 Optima was perfectly paired with the Orange Brulee dessert.

Quails Gate Winery is located in Kelowna, BC.

By: Richard Wolak


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