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1064 – 216th Street, Langley, BC

Tel: 604-530-9694


Twitter: n/a

Advice: Both lunch and dinner are served here, reservations are suggested, on a sunny day request a table on the patio.

After touring the Domaine de Chaberton Estate Winery, my friend Nikki and I were seated on the outside patio overlooking the picturesque vineyard.

complimentary basket of fresh baked bread and butter

This is a French bistro that is in a country like setting with wonderful service in a well-appointed room, patio dining on a sunny day is spectacular.

Bacchus Salad

Tomato & Mesclun

Sautéed Prawns à l'Andalouse

Tomato and Brie Tart

To Start, Nikki had the Bacchus Salad ($10.95) thin slices of smoked salmon over mixed greens with a Rémoulade sauce and I had the Tomato & Mesclun ($7.95) marinated tomatoes and mixed greens tossed with a grainy mustard and sherry vinaigrette. We both then shared the outstanding Sautéed Prawns à l’Andalouse ($11.95) served in a spicy tomato confit sauce with garlic aioli and pistou crostini along with the Tomato and Brie Tart ($9.95) crisp pastry with vine ripened tomatoes and double cream brie with a drizzle of pistou.

Ruby Trout Filet

Braised Boneless Short Ribs

Sour Cream Potatoes

For our Mains, I had the tasty Ruby Trout Filet ($24.95) served on a bed of braised cabbage with white wine, tomatoes and Nikki had the delicious Braised Boneless Short Ribs ($24.95) slow cooked in white wine and tomatoes with olives and mushrooms; we both shared the side dish of potatoes that were smothered in buttery sour cream.

Strawberry Upside Down Cake

Chocolate Mousse

To end our delightful dinner we shared a couple of Desserts, the delish Strawberry Upside Down Cake ($6.95) with vanilla ice cream and the Chocolate Mousse ($6.95) a rich Belgian chocolate mousse with a hazelnut praline croustillant

Review By: Richard Wolak


6179 248 Street, Langley, BC

Tel: (604) 856-5757


Twitter: @KrauseBerryFarm

Advice: located at Krause Berry Farm, check website for hours. Place your order at the counter.

Corn Pizza

Blueberry Milkshake

Strawberry Milkshake

Blueberry Shortcake

As part of my Field Trip to Krause Daily Farms, my friend Nikki Caine and I had a wonderful lunch on the farm during our visit. We sat on the outside patio overlooking the children’s playground and orchard on this spectacular sunny day. I had a slice of delicious house-made roasted Corn Pizza ($3.99) that was topped with their own yellow corn, artichokes, assorted bell peppers, and cheese; as well as a Blueberry Milk Shake ($3.99), Nikki also had a slice of the Corn Pizza as well as a Strawberry Milk Shake ($3.99). For dessert we shared the tasty Blueberry Shortcake with vanilla soft ice cream, their version of a Shortcake is a sweet biscuit and fresh berries. You will also find other in beverages including Berry Lemonade, Smoothies and Shakes; as well as home-made desserts that include their Fruit Pies, Shortcakes, and more!

Review By: Richard Wolak



4856 48 Avenue, Ladner, BC

Tel: 604-946-7717


Twitter: @labelleauberge

Advice: Closed Sunday and Monday. Check their website for cooking classes on offer.

I have always longed to visit La Belle Auberge known as one of the top restaurants in this area if not the country. Chef Bruno Marti founded this restaurant over 31 years ago and is still serving fine French cuisine to this day. While I was in to interview Chef Bruno Marti, I was also treated to a wonderful meal in his dining room along with a walk through the kitchen to meet the other chefs including Chef Tobias Macdonald who is one of the masters of the kitchen.

House cured and Smoked Salmon

Pan Seared Crab Cake

Prawns in a veloute

Roasted Chicken

Frozen Grand Marnier Souffle

To start I had the House cured and Smoked Salmon to tempt my palate, the next dish was the Pan Seared Crab Cake which was then followed by the delectable Prawns in a Veloute. The next course was the delicious Roasted Chicken with an enormous selection of spring vegetables and potatoes. To finish this outstanding meal, the last course Frozen Grand Marnier Souffle!

The dining room is exquisite and classy, and the food is well presented. The restaurant is located in a quaint neighbourhood south of the Fraser River and is the ideal place to dine if you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Review By: Richard Wolak


#201-26730 56th Avenue, Langley

Tel: 604-625-5601


Twitter: @seasonal56

Advice: Check out Chef Beaty ‘s Take It or Leave It daily feature.

Located in the Fraser Valley, Seasonal 56 is a destination Farm to Table restaurant, they source most of their ingredients from farms and producers from nearby areas such as Langley and Abbotsford. The night that I dined I was at a large table with 3 of their producers along with some food and travel writers. Chef Adrian Beaty created a special tasting menu that featured many of the ingredients from these local producers. The meal began with a selection of wines from nearby Lotus Land Winery as well as Mt Lehman and rolls that were heavenly made with locally milled wheat from the Chilliwack area.

Charcuterie plate

House smoked ham and organic split pea soup

Six Masters Farm Rabbit Loin

Six Masters braised Lamb Neck

Gelderman Farms Pork loin

The 1st Course, Charcuterie plate: Thiessen Farms duck rillette, Gelderman Farms prosciutto, and porchetta di test with Fort Wine cranberry chutney. On to the 2nd Course for the House smoked ham and organic split pea soup with poached free range Agassiz Indian Runner duck egg and then the 3rd Course for the Six Masters Farm Rabbit Loin; organic brown basmati rice, apple, and Agassiz Farm House Alpine Gold cheese stuffing; frisee salad with Portobello mushroom confit and then on to the 4th Course which is the moist and delicious Six Masters braised Lamb Neck, rosemary infused pasta, Agassiz Farm House Country blue cheese, and lamb jus (I do not care for Blue Cheese so I moved the cheese off to the side) followed by the 5th Course Gelderman Farms Pork loin, local leek, cured pork jowl, and wild rice sauté; natural jus.

Fort Wine Cranberry upside down cake

To finish off this amazing culinary journey, the 6th Course was Dessert the Fort Wine Cranberry upside down cake with lemon mousse.

Seasonal 56 now has Seasonal to Go retail food store so fans and patrons can have access to products that Chef Beaty uses in his catering, restaurant and cooking classes. Also available are some of their own house-made products such as soups, stocks, entrees, and desserts.

This is a must visit restaurant for all those esteemed foodies!

Review by: Richard Wolak


2001 McCallum Road, Abbotsford

Tel: 604-855-3545


Twitter: @Restaurant62

Advice: Reservations are a good idea. 3 course prix-fixe menu only $24.

I went on an excursion to Abbotsford to visit a couple of eco farms and to have dinner at Restaurant 62 where they serve a menu that is local, most of the menu is comprised of ingredients grown in the Fraser Valley area or as local as possible. Local eating was the draw in my visit to this area just an hour or so outside of Vancouver.

Tomato & Quebec Buffalo Mozeralla Caprese

Abbotsford “goats pride” Chevre

Baked Brie in Phyllo

My friend Alejandro joined me for an evening of tasting locally in the valley, we began with a few appetizers that we shared starting off with the Tomato & Quebec Buffalo Mozeralla Caprese ($12) with roma tomatoes, aged balsamic and sea salt;  followed by the outstanding Abbotsford “goats pride” Chevre ($12) over warm beets with a sherry vinaigrette. Our third appetizer was the delicious Baked Brie in Phyllo ($12 ) topped with black olive tapenade.

Qualicum Scallops and Asparagus Pea Risotto

Fraser Valley Duck Breast with red onion marmalade

For our mains, we shared the delicious and rich Qualicum Scallops and Asparagus Pea Risotto ($25) with parmesan, lemon and parsley;  and the Fraser Valley Duck Breast with red onion marmalade ($25) farmers sausage & parsnip ragout, and seasonal vegetables. Although we were both quite full, no trip out to the valley and especially to this restaurant where Chef Jeff Massey has presided over the past 6 years would be complete without some dessert to end the perfect meal.

Spiced Pineapple Upside Down cake


Both desserts that we shared were outstanding, though if I lived closer I would come in for this amazing dessert time and time again, the Spiced Pineapple Upside Down cake ($8) with vanilla ice cream and maple cream was heavenly and delicious and the other dessert we had was the Cheesecake ($8) with spiced cookies and fresh strawberries. Our server took great care of us throughout the evening which made the dining experience so much more worthwhile as it is always a pleasure to find a restaurant that has both of the main ingredients wonderful food and service.

Review By: Richard Wolak


4591 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC (located inside the Four Seasons Resort)

Tel: 604-966-5280

Twitter: FSWhistler

Advice: Make an advance reservation for dinner.

Bread Basket

I went on an excursion to Whistler recently and to have dinner at Sidecut, the server brought us the menus and the Somelier served us a complimentary glass of the Blue Mountain Brut to welcome us to their restaurant. Toasting to new friends and connections we then browsed the menu along with the extensive wine list which offers more than 200 bottles of wine and 30 wines by the glass. Although there is a large selection of International varietals on the list, several boutique British Columbia wines are also available. We ordered the starter and eventually the rest of the dishes. A basket arrived to the table with cheese buns which were kind of like mini brioches along with Bannock bread, this was a real treat and one that I enjoyed throughout the meal having the basket refilled a couple of times.

Qualicum Scallops

Steakhouse 'sushi' Kobe Roll

Maple Bourbon Cured Fois Gras

Belgian Endive & Watercress

Artisan Lettuces

My appetizer arrived, I had the Qualicum Scallops ($12) a beautiful presentation of celiriac, black garlic, and crispy apple chips, my dining companion had the Steakhouse ‘sushi’ Kobe Roll ($32) a dish that was made to look like sushi, this outstanding beef was grilled rare, served with avocado, dried tomato and sweet soy. We were then treated to another appetizer one of their house specialties, it was the Maple Bourbon Cured Fois Gras ($19), the Fois Gras was served in a round in the centre with the grilled house marinated pork belly in squares around, with tasty figs in a solera elixer. After a little break, our salads arrived, I had the Belgian Endive & Watercress ($12) with shaved ‘montana’ cheese, spicy pecans, backed apple, lillooet honey vinaigrette. My friend had the Artisan Lettuces ($11) with roasted pear, half an avocado, and blackberry vinaigrette.

Peace River Rack of Venison

New Zealand Rack of Lamb

Double Dipped Onion Rings

Steakhouse Sauces

I left the wine selection up to Somelier David Foran to serve me the best matched wine to my Venison and that he did a glass of red, Les Brunnelles Rozes Hermitage 2006 from France. Moving on to the stars of the dining experience, the entrees, I had the Peace River Rack of Venison ($36) made with Chef Edisons Blueberry Hill rub served with truffled white beans, this was an outstandingly flavoured dish and quite large. It was accompanied by their 6 signature sauces of which I enjoyed the Wasabi Mustard and the Mushroom Bordelaise for dipping. My friend had the New Zealand Rack of Lamb ($34) another large dish that was delicious. We ordered along some sides, perhaps we ordered to many, as our eyes took on their own pleasing role. A side of Aged Cheddar & Potato Gratin ($6), Creamed Spinach ($6), Roof Top Carrots ($6) and the Double dipped Onion Rings ($6) stack served, these rings were awesome! I was rather full after this flavorful eating experience, however since dessert is my passion as well as the passion of my dining companion we both thought we must try. Sidecut is a new restaurant having recently opened and their concept is to offer the best meats, poultry and fish. Their beef and game is aged for 40 days and then grilled at 1800 degrees on an infrared grill, they are recognized for their unique spice rubs and rich flavours. All cuts are served a la carte with a selected rub and accompanied by all six sauces.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

4 Cheesecakes

For dessert, I had the signature Pineapple Upside Down Cake ($11) served with Pink Peppercorn Sorbet and a cliantro/lime sauce as well as a caramel sauce. Of course I had to also have a scoop of their popular Maple Bourbon Ice Cream that is made with Makers Mark Bourbon. My friend had the 4 Cheesecakes ($12) served on a platter with 4 mini cheesecakes, I tasted a couple and my favourite was the Skor Cheesecake – Yum! After dinner I finished off with a nightcap, a glass of Penfolds ‘Grandfather’ fine old tawny from Australia while my friend had a Chamomile Tea.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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