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Fin To Tail at the Vancouver Aquarium

Last night I attended a one of a kind event which I hope is repeated again and again, presented by Ocean Wise and the Vancouver Aquarium. The event emphasized how to cook sustainable seafood from Vancouver’s hottest Ocean Wise® chefs….

Joy of Feeding on June 25

One of my favourite events of the year is about to take place on June 25 from 5-8pm at UBC Farm. Fifteen home cooks of different cultural backgrounds – from Egypt to Switzerland to Turkey and beyond – will offer…

Chinese New Year Cooking with Stephanie Yuen

I was honored to observe, my friend and fellow writer teach a cooking class to celebrate Chinese New Year and the Year of the Monkey. Stephanie is a master when it comes to cooking Chinese dishes as well as making…

Teenage Chefs Making a Presence

It is great to see teenagers getting excited about cooking and food in general. These young people are a few Vancouver teenage chefs who are making themselves known, passionate and exuberent, you will want to keep your eye on them…

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