317 E Broadway, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 568-0400


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Advice: Closed Tuesdays.

Specializing in Northern Thai cuisine, it is all about the flavours at this Mount Pleasant gem where Chef Warakorn Suriyawong and his team are keeping things interesting for diners. Over a couple of visits with friends, I have shared many dishes. For one of the visits, I had this tasty amuse shot in a glass to wet my palate.

The Shrimp Toast is made with Fife bakery organic milk bread, topped with shrimp paste coated with eggs, complemented with a side of achat pickles and it was a great starting point for the one of the meals. It went well with the Pomelo Salad – where the flavours were on point; the salad was topped with crispy shallots, shredded coconut.

The Banana Blossom Salad with Tiger Prawns was outstanding with Jumbo prawns, banana blossom flower tossed in our sweet chili tamarind dressing topped with fried shallot, toasted coconut.

The Red Curry Duck Confit is another highlight, whole marinated 2 Rivers duck leg sous vide on top of a savoury, creamy red curry with lychee. It was served with a side of jasmine rice.

I have had a couple variations of their Pad Thai both were flavourful with stir-fried rice noodles, tofu, bean sprouts & our house tamarind sauce. One was topped with Prawns and the other topped with Pork.

The Prawn Fried Rice was another winner with Jasmine rice stir fried with tiger prawns, egg, shrimp paste, green onion with a side of seafood sauce and fresh cucumber.

I had dessert after one of the dinners which was their Lemongrass Coconut Mousse Cake with Mango Sticky Rice; it was a collab with the Oh Sweet Day Bakery where the Lemongrass infused coconut cream was on top of roasted coconut topped with mango sticky rice.

Each time I have dined there the room was buzzing with patrons enjoying conversation and the food. The service was as on point as the food and this is another spot that I will return too time and time again.

Review by: Richard Wolak