Experiencing Turkish Cuisine at Elma in Penticton

I visited one of my favourite restaurants in the Okanagan region recently for more of Chef Derek Ingram’s delicious elevated Turkish dishes. Here he uses as many local ingredients as possible in his cooking. If you are heading to Penticton this Summer make sure you visit this gem overlooking Okanagan Lake.

Lawrence joined me for this wonderful meal and this is what we tried.

1st dish:

 Muhammara – pomegranate molasses/urfa pepper a flavourful dip with Elma bread.

2nd dish:

Burrata with charred eggplant, mushroom xo, preserved peppers; outstanding dish.

Grilled Bread with clarified butter

3rd dish:

Beef tongue grilled over charcoal, glazed in red pepper and pomegranate, with roasted garlic yogurt, herb oil (brined for 11 days, then sous vide, then grilled over charcoal )

4th dish:

Grilled Calamari on a bed of ragu of butter Beans, topped with sourdough crumb and crispy shallots; and it was so good.

5th dish:

Chicken Shish – chickpea & okrea stew, shmaltz & dill aioli, hummus, tender chicken and very tasty.

6th dish:

Cheese Pide – Elma cheese blend, spiced honey, roasted garlic on this now all sourdough and this was outstanding.

Elma Restaurant is located at 994 Lakeshore Dr W in Penticton and is open for dinner Wednesday – Sunday. You can call them at (236) 422-3562 and follow them on instagram @eatatelma

Review by: Richard Wolak