A Healthy Fresh Meal Service

The Healthful Eats meal delivery concept has been launched with the purpose of nourishing the public with homespun, natural artisanal fare created with care and attention with the use of high-quality ingredients that align with the current local food trend.

The objective of the company is to create aliments which are infused with varying flavor profiles from regions such as North Africa, China, Middle East, and Southeast Asia combined with wholesome grains, pulses, and vegetables.

The founder and owner, Kathy Rastar. has always been passionate about the culinary arts and has always enjoyed testing recipes, studying about new products, and keeping up to date with evolving food trends. Kathy completed the professional program at The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts which provided her with the inspiration to go on to open Healthful Eats. Her menu caters to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and meat lovers alike. She likes to reinvent popular recipes like a Caesar Salad and modify them with healthier ingredients such as by adding kale, grains and serving it with a tahini dressing with harissa croutons, thus making the Caesar Salad different and unique. Another delicious dish that that she has modified is the traditional Shepherd’s Pie by adding Asian seasonings and Asian vegetables like edamame and topped with sweet potato mash and black sesame seeds as opposed to plain potatoes.

Healthful Eats’ specialities are wholewheat wraps, salads, bowls and entrees and pies with high-quality and fresh ingredients. Every few months or seasonally, certain menu items will be tweaked and replaced them with different ones based on customer feedback and tastes because Kathy wants to ensure that diners are having a new experience and a great variety of dishes to entice them into keeping coming back. The chefs at this unique locale will continue doing ongoing recipe development by researching what the local market enjoys to ensure that the flavor profiles of the menu items align with ever-changing prevailing food preferences.

Healthful Eats prepares their meals at Core Kitchen Commissary kitchen in Langley and delivers it to customers all over the Lower Mainland. Customers order via an online e-commerce platform on the website and currently delivers to customers who reside in the Langley area via third party delivery services. Alternatively, other customers order and pickup food from the facility as well.

Take a look at the wide selection of food and drink that Healthful Eats has to offer at www.healthfuleats.ca

By: Richard Wolak


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