Thai Select Cooking and Tasting at Food by Fanta

Chef and Owner Parinya Lopston hosted the Thai Select event for dignitaries from the Thai Consulate Vancouver that included Consul General Mr. Rutch Soratana as well as others from the local office.

I took part in making one of the four dishes that featured some of the popular Thai dishes, I got tasked with making the Mango & Sticky Rice with help from Chef Tom.

We also made 3 other Thai dishes at the event: Pad Thai with Plant-base Fish (the plant-based fish is made by ); Massaman Curry with Chicken and Thai Jasmine Rice; Somtum Thai (fresh papaya salad).

Consul General Mr. Rutch Soratana

Thai SELECT is a certification awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government to guarantee the authentic Thai taste of food products and dishes served at Thai restaurants in Thailand and overseas. There are a few levels:

* Thai SELECT Signature for fine-dining restaurants

* Thai SELECT Classic for mid-range restaurants

* Thai SELECT Casual for street food or trendy restaurants

* Thai SELECT UNIQUE for outstanding Thai restaurants located only in Thailand

After the event, we were all seated and enjoyed a delicious 5 course Thai meal prepared by Chef Sadapphin Phothong and her team at Food by Fanta.

1st course:

Miang Kum strawberry; Scallops Yum Som O (pomelo salad), and Fried Issan wrap Namh-Khao Tord.

2nd course:

Chicken liver Millefueille figs

3rd course:

Tom Zap pork rib consommé

4th course:

Halibut Sous Vide served with Thai pepper and ginger jus, seasoned vegetables

5th course:

Thairamisu -their award winning 1st place winner dessert that infuses Thai Coffee with British spiced Rum, in-house made ladyfingers, with layers of cream mascarpone whipped with Thai tea flavour and topped with white chocolate Thai tea ganache. Arranged in half sphere shape and Served with coco-almond crumbles and garnished with edible flowers.

Food by Fanta is located at 20542 Fraser Hwy in downtown Langley.

By: Richard Wolak