First Taste of Takenaka

Specializing in bento boxes, sushi and seafood bowls with fresh Japanese seafood and ingredients, Takenaka was first established as a Ghost kitchen, a virtual restaurant that provided their Japanese food for pickup from their commissary or for delivery. They have since added a Food Truck as well as a pickup location in downtown Vancouver.

Owner and Chef Shogo Takenaka has spent the last 15 years at Kingyo Izakaya in the Westend and Raisu in Kitsilano showcasing his culinary talent.

I was invited to give them a try having a selection of dishes as takeout from their commissary in East Vancouver.

These are the items we tried,

Kaiseki Bento Box with nine gems as they noted, it was more like a surprise type of box as it didn’t come with a sheet noting the various components, that would have been welcomed and something to note for future. There were a few gems in this bento for sure.

Omakase Aburi Sushi, this was delicious, an 8pc daily omakase seared sushi complemented with garnishes and sweet soy sauce.

Unagi Bara Chirashi Don (regular size sushi bowl), my favourite of all the dishes that I tried, it was layers of unagi eel, snow crab, tamago, vegetables, ikura and shredded eggs with sushi rice, so good.

Tried a few different selections of their Temaki Sushi, which is basically a roll-up type similar to a sushi cone.

Salmon Ikura TEMAKI Sushi

Kinshi-Egg,Yuzu-Kosho Mayo, Atlantic Salmon, Ikura, shredded Shiso Leaf on top.

Lobster TEMAKI Sushi

Lobster Tempura, Yuzu-Kosho Mayo, Snow crab, Tobiko, Kaiware radish on top.

Tuna Temaki Sushi

Tried a couple of their Sushi rolls including the Salmon Avocado roll and House Roll.

Takenaka operates out of the Coho Commissary at 1370 E. Georgia Street and you can call them at 604-802-9982 or order online. There Food Truck operates Friday – Sunday from various locations around the city, best to follow them on Instagram @takenaka_yvr to find out their specific location as well as to see all of their dishes.

By: Richard Wolak

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